About Us

What we offer

1 We free you of the burden of billing, collections and practice management.

2 Allows you to focus on treating your patients and generating new business.

3 Reduces staff which eliminates sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, etc.

A few words about us

By orchestrating and providing a unique combination of professional talents, our mission is to provide Physicians with a rare and objective insight that allows them to confront their unique and ever changing challenges.

For many Physicians one of the most important questions they face is whether or not to outsource their medical billing to a third-party professional billing service or do it in-house with additional staff and expensive software. With Physicians Resource the answer is simple.

We offer the best of both worlds to save you time, money and frustration with state-of-the-art electronic claims processing. First, as experts in the Medical Billing Business your claims will get processed faster and more efficiently for maximum reimbursements in less time and with less effort.